Meet Our Team

Nick Mackie
CEO, Chairman of the Board

Nick Mackie is the Chief Executive Officer of both Cambium United and Sustainable Modular Management Inc. (SMM). He has been professionally involved in the modular building and portable restroom industries since 1989. Under Nick’s leadership, SMM and MMG Building and Construction Services (MMGBCS) were consolidated into a single cohesive unit. His vision to combine the two companies increased their borrowing capacity and allowed the newly established entity, Cambium United, to achieve the highest level of growth. Cambium has added to its already robust presence by acquiring Chem Can Building and Construction Services, LLC (Chem Can). Under Nick’s leadership, Cambium has sustained 20% growth YOY, has 125 employees, and has over $45 million in assets.

Jeff Mackie

Jeff Mackie is the President of Cambium BCS, the subsidiary of Cambium United that comprises MMGBCS and Chem Can. Jeff brings steady leadership and a diverse background in banking, business ownership, and equity markets to his role. With Jeff’s leadership Cambium BCS has seen over 120% growth, completed Cambium BCS’s first acquisition, and implemented technologies that have improved gross margins across the board.

Brian Schaefer

Brian Schaefer is the Executive Vice President of SMM and serves on Cambium’s board of directors. Brian brings his 16 years of experience in the construction services industry to advise the MMGBCS board. As one of the founding shareholders, Brian saw the strategic advantages of consolidating SMM and MMGBCS and gained support from other shareholders to back Cambium United. As EVP of SMM, Brian is responsible for the firm’s continuous sales and leasing revenue growth.